• Bridesmaid and GroomsmanReception begins
  • Matron of Honor and Best Man
  • Jen and Jeff Reception Introduction
  • Jennifer and Jeff enter Reception
  • Reception Toasts
  • Sue and Bob at Reception
  • Jennifer and  Jeff Kiss
  • Jennifer and Jeff Kiss
  • Wedding Cake Closeup
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cake
  • Jen and Jeff prepare to cut cake
  • Jen and Jeff Cut Cake
  • Jen and Jeff Taste Cake
  • Jen and Jeff exchange taste wedding cake
  • Groom's Cake
  • Jennifer and Jeff with Groom's cake
  • Sue, Grandma Ellen and Sara
  • Aaron with Jen and Jeff
  • Aaron with Jennifer and Jeff
  • First Dance
  • First Dance2
  • First Dance3
  • First Dance4
  • First Dance5
  • First Dance6
  • First Dance7
  • First Dance8
  • First Dance9
  • First Dance10

ancin' the night away.
Oh how they danced,
on the night they
were wed.

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